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Return Policy

1. When you buy a shop in the store, each buyer and his / her purchased quality product will receive a 30 day return guarantee from the date of receipt.

2. To return a good quality item:

    Need to be contacted by email. Without prior notice and failure to return, the goods will not be accepted back.

    Explain the reason and attach proof of purchase.

    The product must be unused, labeled and in its original packaging, undamaged and free from commercial appearance.

3. Each product shall be provided with a supplier's warranty for loss of production and other defects not related to normal use of the product and environmental impacts. You can find the warranty period for each item in the product description.

4. To return a product of inappropriate quality, follow the steps above.

Returning the goods

5. The store undertakes to provide the consumer with a reasoned written reply no later than 10 days after the receipt of the consumer's request.